ytcracker sucks


i’ve been playing a lot of eve online and not even streaming it.  i am letting my twitch subscribers down tremendously.

i was plagued for a couple months with the stupidest cough.  it is finally gone, but i am still kind of congested.  i skipped five semi-important events and sat at home, playing eve online.

i like eve online.  i blew up my proteus yesterday.  it wasn’t that blingy, but i hate losing skillpoints when my tech 3 dies.  i parked my clone in jita and am eating the accelerators that weedplz gave me so i can get my skillpoints back.

i also asked rich uncle 1ron for space money.  he hasn’t answered yet.

bryce case, jr. sucks too.  he plays too much eve online.  and jave.

@ytcracker rap album about eve when?

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